using-assessments-for-team-building1In today’s complex and collaborative business environment, relationships and connections are more important than ever. Organizations that are able to foster a culture of collaboration have a distinct advantage over competitors if they are hampered by silos, politics and turf wars. Companies with high-performance teams experience significant productivity, clear communication and strong employee engagement.

In some circles, Team Building has earned a bad reputation. While trust-falls, ropes courses and retreat games entertain, the experience often fails to impact the work world. RightPath’s team building approach is rooted in the Monday to Friday environment of work. We help teams realize immediate, real-world improvement in how they interact, make decisions and accomplish goals.

RightPath helps team members understand their natural behavioral strengths and struggles and equips the team to use their combined strengths to enhance performance. We also teach team members to identify and minimize their struggles to reduce tensions on the team. In our team building sessions, each member of the team receives objective feedback about strengths and struggles, analyzes their personal approach to change, discusses interaction preferences, and makes a personal commitment to work to improve the team.

using-assessments-for-team-building2Our trained facilitators will lead your teams through exercises to increase self-awareness, identify areas of needed growth, and facilitate improved collaboration. Individuals in larger companies and consultants may attend RightPath’s certification training workshop to earn certification as leaders of team building sessions.

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