RightPath Profiles (Path4 & Path6)


Discovering Your Profile.

Discover which of the RightPath 16 blended profiles best fits you. Learn about your strengths, struggles and how they impact your work and relationships.


Always a team player, the Adapter changes to their professional environment with ease.

Deep Thinker

Leans toward logical and philosophical thinking, while searching for purpose in their work.


Excellent listeners, and responsive to others, the Encourager always has practical advice for any problems you might have.


The job isn’t done until it’s done. The Researcher stays on track with every assignment, while remaining efficient.


A determined person whose strengths lie with consistency, reliability, and persistence. You can always depend on the Administrator.


Someone who practices organization and discipline in their daily life, the Detailist is always dependable in the office.


The Harmonizer looks to support others, and create cooperation throughout an organization. Always eager to be on a team.

Strategic Thinker

Thrives in situations that need results, and focuses on challenges, Strategic Thinkers are great at achieving their goals.


The Analyzer is task-oriented with a competitive nature, who wants to initiate changes while excelling in their work environment.


Always ready to lead with vision and ideas, Directors quickly see the big picture and help teams move toward achieving common goals.


By bringing energy and enthusiasm, Motivators have a strong bias for results and communicate to mobilize others to jointly accomplish it.

Stylish Innovator

With a unique combination of people and organizational skills, Stylish Innovators form deep relationships while sharing their expertise and pushing for results.

Cautious Thinker

Focused on accuracy and thoroughness, the Cautious Thinker contributes through their careful reasoning.


Natural leaders, the Driver takes charge and delegates well. They will take action to achieve results.


Always expanding, the Networker loves anything new, and uses their verbal skills to build relationships and new connections.


Always a loyal friend, a Supporter thrives when they can help others and gains fulfillment through their success.

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