LQ360™ Self-Assessment


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The LQ360™ Self-Assessment is a great precursor to a full LQ360™. With the self-assessment, you can learn how you see yourself in 5 key areas of leadership: Trust, Emotional Intelligence, Developing Others, Producing Results, and Growing Relationships. The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes and can provide you with a great deal of insight to help you grow as a leader.

After you complete the self-assessment, you will have an opportunity to upgrade to a full LQ360™ where you can invite co-workers and others to provide anonymous ratings related to your leadership skills. This feedback from all around, or 360° degrees, comes from participants, managers, direct reports, peers and others. Once completed, leaders and organizations can use individual 360 results to develop existing leadership skills, further relationships between management and employees, while strengthening company culture and morale.

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