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Outside of our assessments, resources, and webinars, a keynote address with RightPath Principal Chris Fuller is an experience that can take your event knowledge to the next level.

As a Certified Speaking Professional who has spoken globally to tens of thousands on leadership, sales, teamwork, EQ, success, and organizational change and culture, Chris Fuller’s high-energy, adventure-based keynotes captivate a room and bring leadership lessons to life in a unique and powerful way.

His keynotes expand past the motivational to thought-provoking insights behind successful leadership execution. By combining his high-energy delivery of powerful lessons that keep people engaged with actionable takeaways that equip them for success—each keynote resonates long after Chris has left the stage.

Available keynote speeches:

  • Inspired Leadership, your proven path to remarkable results.
  • Building the RightPath for your Team Culture
  • Increasing your Leadership Influence
  • EQ: A Leader’s Secret Weapon

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Assessment For Leaders

Experience is one of the greatest teachers, but at RightPath, our Path 4 & 6 assessments provide feedback on the self, so you can improve your leadership skills from within. Paired with our Leadership Intelligence 360 assessment, together we can learn what makes you a leader, from hire to retire.

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