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RightPathing Your Leadership

This practical developmental workshop helps even the best leaders improve their leadership skills. Using our RightPath LQ® 360 assessment, leaders gain valuable insights into their personal leadership effectiveness in Results, Relationships, Developing Others, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and During this session, leaders process the feedback they receive from their LQ® 360 and write a Leadership Development Plan, which includes key strengths, struggles, a leadership legacy and action steps to strengthen leadership.

Leader As A Coach

The Leader as Coach equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, strengths and coaching tools to lead their team more effectiv ely today and grow tomorrow’s leaders. Through a combination of learning sessions, on the job experience and real time feedback, participants learn practical core competencies. Each session is linked with actual leadership coaching experiences which enhance the learning process.

Session Breakdown

Session 1
The Coaching Conversation: Leading others through coaching

Session 2
Managing Differences: Leading others different than yourself

Session 3
Emotional Intelligence: Leading others through emotions

Session 4
Receiving Feedback: Leading others using positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.

Session 5
Difficult Conversations: Leading others through difficult conversations

Session 6
Leading Change: Leading others through change

Assessment For Leaders

Leaders need objective feedback and trusted advisors to increase leadership capacity. RightPath’s resources provide real world solutions to equip leaders to match the demands of today’s competitive business environment.

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