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The LQ360™ Leadership Assessment is a powerful tool that measures your effectiveness in your organization across five dimensions of leadership.

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Professional growth shouldn’t feel like guesswork

Are you tired of…

  • leadership development programs that get watered down in an attempt to apply to everyone?
  • not having the right kind of feedback and accurate data you need to grow as a leader?
  • self-assessments that only look at one side of your leadership (your own biased opinion)?
  • generic “round-hole” solutions for your specific “square-peg” problems?

What does your organization need from you?

Leadership looks different based on who you are. But also where you are and what is going on around you. The LQ360™ Leadership Assessment helps you identify the areas unique to you and your current organization that can take your leadership effectiveness to the next level.

What do referees do when there’s a questionable call on the football field? They look at the play from multiple lenses and every possible angle. Thanks to advancements in technology, they no longer have to rely on in-the-moment, gut reactions that could drastically alter the outcome of the game (and earn the ire of fans).

What if you could use data collected from the people who actually work with you to look at your leadership from every angle­, revealing where you need to grow right now, specific to your organization?

That’s what the LQ360™ Leadership Assessment does for you.

How the LQ360™ Leadership Assessment works


Work with your leaders and/or HR representative to choose the individuals to rate your leadership. These typically consist of direct reports, managers, peers, and other trusted associates.


We send a 10-minute anonymous survey to you and the professionals who know you best. The survey assesses 64 key leadership traits and provides space for personal feedback.


You receive a detailed report with feedback across five critical areas of leadership. You’ll learn where you excel, where you can improve, and where you have blind spots. View sample report.

The LQ360™ Leadership Assessment measures your leadership in these 5 critical areas

Do you get things done?
At the end of the day, leaders are paid to produce. Your LQ360™ Leadership Assessment feedback will measure how well you actually get things done with and through others. It’s often enlightening to find that peers, direct reports, and managers all see your output through different lenses based on their priorities and goals.

Have you earned the respect of others?
It’s not enough to produce. Great leaders also know how to play well with others. Your LQ360™ Leadership Assessment feedback will measure your people skills and help you identify how your natural strengths and abilities influence those around you (for good or bad).

Emotional Intelligence
Do you understand yourself? Do you understand others?
Emotional intelligence is widely recognized as an invaluable skill in the workplace and (luckily) one that can be developed continuously. The feedback you receive from your LQ360™ Leadership Assessment will help you measure how well you manage your own emotions and appropriately respond to the emotions of others.

Are you someone who can be trusted?
If trust is the currency of leadership then your LQ360™ Leadership Assessment feedback will give you some indication of how much money you have in your “trust bank account”. It will help you see where you operate with personal integrity most consistently and illuminate the areas where trust might have been weakened.

How well do you develop others?
Leadership isn’t just about getting results out of your people, it’s also about developing them and helping them grow. Your LQ360™ Leadership Assessment feedback will help you identify where you are in developing your team and how you can make greater strides in that direction.

We’ve worked with leaders just like you

RightPath has decades of experience researching and implementing tools around leadership intelligence and organizational effectiveness. We’ve helped thousands of companies grow and boost organizational health by creating a better fit between employees and their jobs.

“I found Rightpath’s LQ360 coursework to be very informative and engaging. The program does a great job of highlighting and bringing out my strengths as a leader, while acknowledging opportunities for improvement in my leadership style. Great program!”
– Greg Epps, Manager of Corporate Training, Gas South

“Effective leadership begins with understanding ourselves, our values, and our motivations. Since completing the 360 Review Process and attending two in person trainings, I feel more confident, empowered, and capable of leading and inspiring those around me.”
– Carley Stephens, Manager of Community Affairs, Gas South

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