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Mastering Creative Conflict

Whether it's disagreeing over project deadlines, or miscommunication in the office, no one enjoys arguing with their coworkers. Too much conflict can stop any team from functioning properly. No conflict, however, creates a false sense of peer satisfaction and discourages coworkers from being honest with one another. Either way, it's not a functional work environment. RightPath encourages "Creative Conflict," which is respectful disagreement with positive results. “Creative Conflict” can produce solutions to problems that otherwise would have gone unsolved, allowing individuals to voice their opinions in a healthier way. The RightPath Mastering Creative Conflict workshop uses aspects of emotional intelligence to help conflict management and improve your work environment.
Team Development

Developing Trust for Teams

Developing Trust for High Performance Teams is a ½ day workshop which explores the components of how to build trust and their its impact on organizational effectiveness. This session equips teams with the Participants gain insights and skills to build trust, improve communication, enhance collaboration and accelerate performance

Building Collaborative Teams

Build Your Team, the Right Way

Creating connections is essential for a productive work environment. Team members have to understand one another in order to gain respect, trust, and work together. But anyone’s first thought towards team building tends to be skeptical. Group exercises don’t necessarily create a trusting or effective workplace. Instead of trying the trust fall, RightPath focuses on finding results that work. The Teaming For Success workshop, facilitated by an experienced leadership expert, helps build team morale and allows individuals to appreciate one another's talents, in a realistic work environment. It also provides individual team members the opportunity to receive feedback from their peers, and how to develop strengths while improving personal struggles. By taking the step to learn more about one another, your team can find ways to problem solve, collaborate, and build trust. Place your trust in team building, with the right approach.


Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is more important than ever, accounting for 50% to 90% of today’s professional success. Emotional intelligence offers greater perspective into emotions and interactions in the workplace, which is important in fostering a productive work environment. The use of emotional intelligence helps individuals reach new career goals, whether it's finding new responsibilities within their current job, or even exploring a career in management. In order to understand the basics of emotional intelligence, and how it applies to you, RightPath offers an Emotional Intelligence workshop. The workshop was built to demonstrate successful habits, learn self-awareness, and handle difficult emotions in the workplace. Participants learn how to take action and become emotionally aware employees, so you have all the tools you need for emotional success.

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