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RightPath online services include the RightPath Path4 and Path6 behavioral assessments that assist in identifying talents and offer an in-depth display of predictable natural behaviors.

Using both RightPath assessments is unique. The two independent, but correlated, profiles provide cross validation to ensure accurate results focused on strengths and struggles.  RightPath’s tools were developed with the rigorous external validation of academic research from the University of Georgia.  The insight provided by our assessments is utilized for interviewing, leadership development, team building, succession planning and developing emerging leaders.   Click Path4 and Path6 to download the sample RightPath reports.

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RPYF – RightPathing Your Future

RightPathing® Your Future is a suite of internet deployed assessments used in our whole-life career planning curriculum or on its own.  Modules include segments on Behavior, Skills, Passion, Values, Life Purpose, and Goals.

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