RightPath Resources® has developed a suite of proprietary, externally-validated behavioral profile assessments which are used for  talent and leadership development from Hire to Retire. Our RightPath assessments were designed and validated by the University of Georgia, written with business use in mind.  The RightPath assessments are among the most accurate on the market, and are the most practical for busy professionals in today’s business environment.

Our Path4 & Path6 RightPath assessments measure natural hard-wired behavior and reveal the strengths and struggles associated with these behaviors. Path4 & Path6 internally validate one another, ensuring the most accurate results. Using these tools in hiring and selection processes can increase the success of a new hire up to 75%.   The insights provided by our assessments are used in leadership development, team building, succession planning and developing emerging leaders. 



path4-sample-report-logo-for-web-pngThe Path4 profile is a behavioral assessment providing individuals key insights for understanding self, others and teams. Using a four-factor, eight-trait format, Path4 provides an easy-to-read report highlighting typical strengths and struggles and an easy-to-remember profile name.



path6-sample-report-logo-for-webThe Path6 profile is a forced-choice assessment which adds depth and insight to Path4 by breaking down the six factors of this tool into 16 sub-factors. The sub-factors reveal the predictable underlying drives and motivations that form natural behavioral preferences.



The RightPath Leadership Intelligence (LQ360) assessment provides feedback to participants on how others experience their leadership.  It takes just 10 minutes for raters to rate the participant, and their feedback is compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report.  The report highlights five key areas for effective leadership: Results, Relationship, Emotional Intelligence, Trust and Develops Others with each category printed in a separate color for easy interpretation.   Participants view their results as an overall average as well as by rater type.  By reviewing the attributes and ratings in each category, leaders can confidently create a personalized development plan.



Develop High Performing Teams 

The RightPath team building session (Teaming for Success) is a ½ day workshop that teaches team members how to build on their talents, differences, experiences and problem-solving abilities.  This session builds trust by increasing self-awareness and appreciation of differences, and teaches teams to better deal with conflict and change. Teams experience increased productivity, transparency and improved relationships.  During the session, participants identify key individual talents, team strengths and struggles, relationship keys, response to change, confrontation styles and the level of commitment to the team.  Teaming for Success is appropriate for all teams (managed or self-directed) including leadership teams, executive teams, boards of directors, high potentials and newly formed teams.


RightPathing Your Leadership

The RightPath leadership program (RightPathing Your Leadership) is a full-day workshop that helps leaders process the feedback they receive from their LQ360 and write a Leadership Development Path, focused on strengths, struggles, and action steps to strengthen leadership.  Our RightPathing Your Leadership clients have experienced significant reductions in turnover, increased employee retention and greater team productivity.


Emotional Intelligence 

Over 40% of leadership traits in The RightPath LQ360 relate to Emotional Intelligence.  In our experience with Fortune companies, more than half of leadership developmental items are related to EQ.  Research shows that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 50% to 90% of career success. The importance of EQ increases as individuals gain responsibility and advance into management and leadership.

During our full-day, facilitated workshop, participants learn the basic concepts related to EQ, develop self-awareness, improve interpersonal skills and practice handling toxic emotions.  Written with the skeptic in mind, our EQ workshop demonstrates how EQ helps people succeed at work.  Participants learn effective and practical action steps they can apply immediately in their work roles.