“Emotional Intelligence is the most challenging area to develop, but creates the most impactful and sustainable change in one’s leadership.”-Jerry Mabe, RightPath Resources

Leadership Development TrainingThe RightPathing Your Leadership workshop helps even the best leaders improve their leadership skills. Using our RightPath LQ® 360 assessment, leaders gain valuable insights from their managers, direct reports and peers into their leadership effectiveness in Results, Relationships, Developing Others, Emotional Intelligence and Trust.

During this workshop, leaders process the feedback they receive from their LQ360 and write a Leadership Development Plan, which includes key strengths, struggles, a leadership legacy and action steps to strengthen leadership.

Leadership Development Training

  • IDEAL for executives and managers at every level
  • REVEALS natural strengths and struggles and the impact on leadership
  • IDENTIFIES Relationship-oriented and Results-oriented leadership styles
  • REDUCES turnover by developing current leaders
  • IMPROVES leader effectiveness through understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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I stressed the benefit you have provided for the overall program at my organization and the on impact it’s had on all leaders as well as the 1:1 coaching.  I have seen a dramatic improvement in dealing with conflict and challenging personalities.  

             –Susan, Group Executive