RightPath Coaching Certification


RightPath Coaching Certification

Register for the Coaching Certification, 9:00am — 1:00pm (EDT) August 5, 2022.

As a coach (current coach or future coach), you want to make an impact. To be the best coach you can be, you need the right tools and the right methods to utilize those tools. Each client is unique, so your coaching needs to match that uniqueness. With a RightPath Coaching Certification, you will be equipped with the tools, understanding, and methods proven to help your clients summit their current and future challenges.

This workshop is a one-day session which certifies you as a RightPath Coach. Upon completion of the workshop, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your RightPath and how it impacts your coaching style and methods
  • Understand the impact coaching can make on your clients, their teams, and the overall organization
  • Be equipped with RightPath tools and resources including:
    • Path 4&6 in the context of coaching
    • The Leadership 360 assessment
    • How to develop and implement Leadership Development Plans
    • Learn how to use the Executive Leadership Team report on behalf of executive leaders and their teams
  • Learn proven processes and best practice methods that will increase your confidence and elevate your coaching effectiveness

The August 5th event will be a live, virtual experience! The cost of the workshop is $695 per person, which includes all materials. To register, please complete the adjacent form or email us at contact@rightpath.com

Cancellations or rescheduling made within two weeks of the training date will incur a $250 fee.