Leadership ContinuityLeadership Continuity is RightPath’s approach to succession planning.  As large numbers of baby boomers retire in the next 10-15 years, many organizations will encounter a leadership crisis.  RightPath developed a strategy for Leadership Continuity that delivers at all levels of the organization by studying what was not working as organizations tried to plan for succession.  Consider the reasons why traditional succession planning doesn’t work. We have identified 10 most common mistakes:

Top Ten Reasons Succession Planning Isn’t Successful

Succession Planning

  • Focuses on filling or replacing (positions) not Leadership Continuity (people)
  • Lacks an overall strategy (i.e. driven by emergency or a single change)
  • Tackles the whole plan at once verses a “triage”, prioritized approach
  • Fails to objectively assess the company’s leadership bench and its strength
  • Fails to recognize “insider bias” about potential players and lack of external objectivity
  • Too many cooks in the kitchen!  Too many people involved in the process
  • Discounts input or impact of individual’s own Leadership Legacy
  • Lacks a strategy to keep key players who are not promoted
  • Fails to appropriately delegate parts of the process that can be delegated
  • Delays starting early – too late for a smooth transition.  Waiting for the perfect time to start means it will never happen

In response to these problems, RightPath developed strategies that work.  These proven strategies and methods are being used by Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and Not-for-Profit organizations with great success.  We call it the SAID approach whereby we partner with our clients to:

Strategize —  Assess  —  Identify  —  Develop
their talent as a means of achieving Leadership Continuity

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