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If you missed any of our recent webinars or want to take the next steps to creating your perfect team check out all the available insight from our blog section.

13 Steps to Better Team Communication

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Has there ever been a better statement that describes the difficulty we face in communicating? This quote, which is regularly, (but probably mistakenly) attributed to former Federal Reserve […]

7 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity  (And Get Them Excited to Show Up to Work Tomorrow)

There’s a startling statistic that you’ve probably read about before: close to two-thirds of employees are not actively engaged at work. This ranges from around 50% who are satisfied with simply getting a paycheck, but not that connected to the company and would bolt for a better opportunity, to around 13% of people who are—in […]

How to Select the Best Conflict Resolution Training

Mark Twain once wrote, “Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.” Sometimes, workplace conflict can feel like this—one person is armed to the teeth and ready to fight; another is doing everything they can to avoid even the appearance of conflict. It seems like some people love to fight and, if there’s […]

Your Guide To 360° Leadership

Consider the best leader you’ve ever followed. Do you have a clear picture in mind? If you think about all the things they did exceptionally well, you could probably create a long list of what made them great. Perhaps they were a great communicator and you always knew just what they expected of the team. […]

RightPath Resources and Influence Leadership Join Forces

RightPath Resources and Influence Leadership Join Forces Jerry Mabe and Chris Fuller are excited to announce that RightPath Resources and Influence Leadership are joining forces to create a combined organization, elevating service and product offerings to existing clients with the ability to provide long-term, sustainable resources and expertise to organizations of all sizes.  “Chris and […]

3 Keys to Effective Delegation

Delegation should be easy; just give someone a task and let them handle it. Yet, most people struggle to delegate well. There are many reasons delegation is difficult: fear that the job will be done poorly, reluctance to impose on others or taking the time to explain the task when it is faster to do it […]

A Leadership “Film Room”

During a recent leadership team building session, one participant shared his experience playing football (he had played for Penn State, the NFL and the Canadian Football League). During his playing days, he spent many hours in the “film room” evaluating his performance on the field. His coaches analyzed every detail of his play, including the […]

A Growth Mindset

Everyone experiences setbacks at work; failing to meet quarterly goals, product failures, or meetings that go off the rails. Yet, people have very different reactions to these setbacks. Some are resilient, learning from their mistake, ready to tackle the next challenge. Others get discouraged and give up, believing they aren’t capable of the task at hand. What […]

The Cost of Toxic Work Environments

In his new book, Dying for a Paycheck, Jeffrey Pfeffer, of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, argues that toxic work environments have a profound impact on employee health and corporate profitability. Extensively researched and thoughtfully written, Pfeffer lays out the hidden costs of high stress, toxic work environments. When people are fearful, anxious or worried it is […]

When Strengths Hinder Leadership

A person’s greatest strengths can hinder effective leadership. For example, Jason, the owner of a medium-sized restaurant, is naturally helpful, supportive and encouraging. His teenage employees appreciate his encouragement and, by following his example, have helped his restaurant earn a reputation for excellent customer service. Like all managers, Jason occasionally needs to correct his employees. […]

Are You Counting Down To Friday?

Many people have a “survive the week” mentality. They drag themselves into work each morning with the goal of surviving the day. Work is drudgery to be endured between weekends. They leave work each day exhausted, not from having worked hard, but from the tedium and boredom of just surviving the day. I remember a time in […]