RightPath Certification Training

RightPath Practitioner Certification

Our world-class certification workshop is designed to challenge and equip you. We’ll challenge the way you think about people and performance, about teaming and leadership. We’ll equip you with the understanding about our behavioral assessments, how to interpret individual assessment results and the corresponding impact.

This is for HR leaders, people managers, executives, and even coaches/consultants who want to leverage the power of behavioral insights to Optimize Individual Contributors, Build Engaged Leaders, Integrate High-Performing Teams, & Create Inspired Cultures

This workshop is a two-day session which certifies you as a RightPath practitioner. Upon completion of the workshop, you will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the RightPath insights of human behavior (4 Factors / 8 Traits)
  • Learn the Path4 Blended Profile types and how to interpret the Path4 & Path6 assessments
  • Understand the broad applications of your learning on any organization
  • Understand the different kinds of reports and assessments available
  • Gain the best practice insights and expertise to speak with authority with proven resources
  • Increase your ability to own your voice and influence senior leadership
  • Set yourself apart, open new doors to better career opportunities

RightPath Certification Training workshops are, presently, scheduled for March, July, and November. The July 13th-14th event will be a live, in-person experience! The event will be held just north of Atlanta at the Hamilton Hotel in historic Alpharetta, GA named by Forbes magazine as the "#1 Place to Relocate in America." The cost of the workshop is $1,995 per person, which includes all materials, breakfast and lunch both days, as well as a complimentary Path4 and Path6 assessment if you have not taken the assessment previously. To register, please complete the adjacent form or email Cynthia at ccarrese@rightpath.com

For organizations that have six(6) of more trainers who would like to attend a RightPath Certification Training workshop, RightPath can hold a custom workshop at your location on your schedule. For more information contact the RightPath office at 678-845-0400 or contact Cynthia at ccarrese@rightpath.com.

Cancellations or rescheduling made within two weeks of the training date will incur a $250 fee.