RightPath’s mission   aligning people, passions and positions to achieve maximum performance improves the bottom line of our clients daily.  Our clients share the positive impact we have had on team effectiveness, leadership development, and organizational growth. Look what our clients have to say!

Develop You, Develop Your Team…on the RightPath (endorsements)

“Our winning strategy includes a focus on developing talent – both on and off the field.  No matter the level or role, associates in the Atlanta Falcons organization and the broader Blank Family of Businesses are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and take their performance to the next level.  RightPath assessments and Jerry Mabe’s coaching have been an important part of our leadership playbook for many years.” -Arthur M. Blank, Owner & Chairman, Atlanta Falcons


“I have long known the powerful impact of behavior in leadership and personal development. In his new book, Jerry Mabe, CEO of RightPath, will guide you to understand and use behavior to assess leaders and develop them, yourself and teams to full potential.”   John Maxwell, Best-Selling Author and Speaker


“Putting the right people in the right roles and building strong teams have been crucial strategies at North Point Ministries. Having worked with Jerry Mabe and the RightPath team for over a decade, we know the power of their assessment tools for hiring, teaming, and developing people.”-Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries 


“Jerry has worked with our leaders for the past several years as an integral part of our leadership development programs. Leaders completing RightPath assessments gain valuable insight into their natural hardwiring and their learned leadership behaviors and habits. This information can be applied across teams to improve working relationships and identify team strengths and struggles.  RightPath has partnered with TSYS to provide support, coaching, and tools to improve the effectiveness of our teams and the quality of our leaders at every level of the organization.”  -M. Troy Woods, President and Chief Operations Officer, TSYS Inc.


“Mentoring and coaching leaders is my passion and is about more than just getting results through others – it is about leaving behind a leadership legacy I can be proud of!  RightPath tools and Jerry’s teaching in this area have allowed me to better understand others and value diversity in thoughts and behaviors.  They also provide a forum for developing myself, my team, leaders, and future leaders.  Best of all, we are creating a culture of mentoring and coaching that creates a positive ripple effect throughout our organization.”-Marie Mouchet, Vice-President and CIO, Southern Company


The Senior Leader Program at Goodwill Industries International is an intense and challenging program we offer to member Goodwills across the country and Canada.  Jerry Mabe and RightPath have been a valuable part of this leadership program since its inception in 2008.  Their tools and curricula provide leaders with powerful insights and information they can immediately put to work in their own Goodwills.” Susan E. Gabriel, Director of Senior Leadership & Management Programs, Goodwill Industries International 


“Many years ago, we set out very intentionally in our organization to develop a culture of on-going personal development, today known as coaching.  We sought to empower our leaders, and soon discovered that coaching was paramount to their on-going success and ability to keep pace with the rapid organizational growth.  Then, as these senior leaders started to see the results, they took what they had learned and began, in turn, to coach their own team.  This belief in helping each other to grow and the coaching culture we have created now define who we are as an organization, as leaders, and as team mates.  Jerry Mabe and RightPath have been an integral part of this process and success. Their assessment tools are the solid foundation on which our on-going development is built.” -Jane Nichols, CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Rivers


“RightPath has been the instrument that has assisted me, the staff, our launch team, and our church leadership to more deeply know who we are and how we are wired to work together with one another. No other tool is able to create profiles that reveal personal strengths and struggles in a manner that cultivates individual development while also creating an awareness of how those personalized profiles fit with one another in the building of healthy teams. We use RightPath every year in staff and lay leadership development. I could not think of a better investment for a church planter.”-Bart Garrett, Planter and Lead Pastor of Christ Church Berkeley


“Since 2001, RightPath’s validated tools have helped us to create a solid foundation to successfully develop our leaders and teams.   Jerry Mabe and RightPath have a common understanding of behavior and talent which allows us all to speak the same language developmentally and ensures we have the right people in the right positions. I believe this book will help others to do the same.”-Randy Pope, Pastor, Perimeter Church, Atlanta, GA


“As Base Commander at Lackland AFB, I witnessed the positive impact of the RightPath tools and Jerry Mabe’s coaching ability on our senior civilians’ leadership development. RightPath’s assessments were very helpful in identifying the differences in our staff members and how to use those differences to build a stronger team while developing our team members’ leadership skills.”-Pat Fogarty, Colonel (Ret.) USAF, Senior Engineer, Joint Staff, Pentagon and previously Base Commander, Lackland AFB



“Jerry…I’m usually good with words, but I’m not sure how to adequately tell you THANK YOU and describe how much the last 2 days meant to me! In the room with 15 like minded folks and a great facilitator was incredible. I honestly found myself at times not being able to think, write down and process all the great info fast enough. I look forward to following up with you again soon. THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. I’M GRATEFUL!”  – David, Pharmaceuticals


“I definitely got way more than I anticipated during RightPath’s Emotional Intelligence training. Understanding EQ and how we can increase our ability to be Great Leaders has been eye opening for me professionally and personally.” -Sivi, HR Professional


“Through RightPath’s Introduction to Emotional Intelligence seminar I was able to gain a deeper self-awareness into my own personality and how I interact with those around me.  I loved learning more about the importance of Emotional Intelligence in leadership.   RightPath can help us measure, practice and improve our EQ which is exciting.    I left the seminar empowered to apply my new awareness to my daily interactions and to look for ways to develop Emotional Intelligence in the leadership at.”-Lisa, Talent Acquisition Manager

I wish that I would have benefited from you earlier in my career.  I had an executive coach about 8 years ago but told her that you were by far much more impactful.” -Susan, Group Executive


I stressed the benefit you have provided for the overall program at my organization and the on impact it’s had on all leaders as well as the 1:1 coaching.  I have seen a dramatic improvement in dealing with conflict and challenging personalities. ” -Susan, Group Executive


I have been truly amazed with the change in Michael.   He has become more of a team player and is more collaborative.  In a nutshell – I used to find him to be quite annoying….and now, he is a pleasure to be around! I’ve tried to provide him timely feedback when I observe him being humble and collaborative in a meeting – and he has been very appreciative of that.  I cannot thank you enough!   Not only has the process changed him – but it has, as a result, changed the dynamics on my leadership team!  So we are all grateful!   -Becky, Director of Application Services  


Thank you so much, Peter. You did an EXCEPTIONAL job facilitating this work. I really could not be happier with the day or your approach. You were terrific. Everyone walked away energized and eager for more! -Ronette, Chief Operating Officer


My team has not stopped talking about their profiles since the first one arrived yesterday! They are surprised by the accuracy (even though I told them to expect that) and excited about what it can teach them about themselves and about us as a team. My sincere thanks for everything you did to facilitate our taking it so quickly. – Kym I. King, Vice President of Public Relations & Community Engagement