Leadership Intelligence (RightPath LQ® 360)

Measure your Leadership Intelligence

Great leaders desire to know how others experience their leadership.  The RightPath LQ® 360 assessment measures 64 key leadership traits, providing the unique, real-time, personal feedback they need for effective training.  Regardless of their leadership style, the best leaders find that 360 feedback gives them the information needed to become truly great leaders.

The process is simple.  Managers invite co-workers and others to provide anonymous ratings related to their leadership skills.  This feedback from all around, or 360 degrees, comes from the leader, direct reports, peers, and managers.  Raters spend approximately 10 minutes to numerically rate the 64 leadership characteristics measured by the LQ360.  Written comments related to the leader’s strengths and struggles are also entered before the feedback is compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report for effective training and development.

The RightPath LQ® 360 Report

The information in the RightPath LQ 360 report provides relevant and actionable data that can be used for leadership development, training, and personal growth.  Scores clearly show which leadership behaviors are most effective and which behaviors need attention.  Scores are organized in three ways:

  • By rater type (Self, Manager, Direct Reports, Peers, Others)
  • By category (Results, Relationship, EQ – Emotional Intelligence, Trust and Develops Others)
  • By type of Emotional Intelligence (related to self and to others)

Because scores are averaged together by rater type, feedback is anonymous. Free-form, unedited comments regarding strengths and struggles and the ability to develop others are also provided to the leader anonymously.

Benefits of the RightPath LQ® 360 Assessment

Companies that are serious about developing and training great leaders and equipping them for success use the RightPath LQ 360 on a regular basis.  Not only does an LQ360 train and develop current leaders, it also helps companies reduce management turnover, improve employee morale and open communication channels throughout the organization.  Based on feedback from an LQ360, leaders can write a Leadership Development Plan focused on the steps they need to take to become truly great leaders.

Click here to download a sample RightPath LQ® 360 report.