using-assessments1Leadership is difficult to define. We recognize leaders because they motivate people around them to accomplish great things. Leaders may hold positions of authority or they may merely be people that others look to for advice, vision or inspiration because they have built a reputation for producing great results.

We intuitively recognize leadership when we see it. However, leaders are unique – some are quiet and unassuming while others are bold and gregarious. Some focus on details and accuracy while others are visionaries who focus on the big picture. At RightPath, we are convinced that anyone can be a leader regardless of their natural hard-wired behavior.

So what makes an effective leader? We believe that great leaders operate in their areas of strength while not allowing their struggles to undermine their effectiveness. Some leaders gain this awareness through
years of trial and error, developing a leadership style that fits their strengths and struggles.


At RightPath, we help leaders jump start the learning process by providing objective and validated feedback on a leader’s strengths and struggles. Our Path4 and Path6 assessments (along with our Leadership Intelligence LQ360) provide objective feedback for leaders to use as they consider how to develop their leadership style. Rather than learning leadership lessons from “the school of hard knocks” or trial and error, our assessments provide personalized, objective feedback on how to develop leadership skills.