Successful People Strategies In Challenging Times

FREE WEBINAR| August 12th

Successful People Strategies In Challenging Times

Recruiting and hiring new employees is challenging, and hiring in 2020 is especially difficult. Hiring the right candidate produces efficiency and effectiveness for your organization. The consequences of a bad hire are not only costly, but also impact employee morale. At the same time leaders are challenged to build successful teams, manage virtual meetings, and maintain productivity in new or remote work environments. Team leaders are being challenged to do more, with less.

How do you hire the best employees?

Is your new hire a good fit for your existing team?

How do you keep or increase productivity up when working virtually?

We will answer these questions and more August 12th at 1:00pm (ET). Join us for RightPath’s webinar, Successful People Strategies In Challenging Times.

During This Webinar We Will Discuss:

  • Maximizing Talent In Challenging Times
  • Hiring Quickly, Efficiently, and Effectively
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Leading The Team You Have To Work More Efficiently
  • Increasing Productivity In The New Normal