“Leadership is the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations.”The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes and Posner

Forward-thinking executives sense the urgency to grow leaders from within, anticipating the fast-approaching “leadership skills gap”. Research shows that companies that invest in growing their leaders gain a distinct advantage in the ability to:

  • Build a ‘bench’ of next generation leaders
  • Attract and retain high-impact employees
  • Improve overall business performance
  • Achieve competitive advantage

The Leader as Coach provides an innovative approach to bridge the “leadership skills gap” and accelerate growth of leaders. This training curriculum equips a company’s existing leadership with the knowledge, skills, strengths and coaching tools to develop multi-dimensional leaders – for now, and for the future.

By combining on-the-job experience and real-time feedback, The Leader as Coach participants learn core coaching competencies. Each workshop is linked with actual leadership coaching experiences which enhance the learning process.

the-leader-as-coach-2Session Descriptions

Session 1 – The coaching conversation: Leading others through coaching
Learning coaching skills and ways to inspire and guide others in personal and professional growth.

Session 2 – Managing differences: Leading others different than yourself
Learning ways to manage, develop and motivate others who have radically different behavioral styles and preferences.

Session 3Emotional intelligence: Leading others through emotions
Learning ways to become aware of emotions (yours and others’), to respond appropriately, and to manage relationships for greater success.

Session 4 – Receiving feedback: Leading others using positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.
Learning ways to give encouragement and feedback that inspires followers and keeps them positive even while receiving course corrections.

Session 5 – Difficult conversations: Leading others through difficult conversations
Learning ways to hold others accountable and produce results while still maintaining valuable relationships.

Session 6 – Leading change: Leading others through change
Learning ways to lead others to embrace change and press forward despite risks and uncertainty.

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