RightPath Online Assessment Tools 


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Path4/Path6 Assessments


RightPath Path4 and Path6 online behavioral assessments to assist in identifying talents and offer an in-depth display of predictable natural behaviors.

  • Two independent assessments sold together.
  • Assessments are independent, but correlated, profiles provide cross validation to ensure accurate results focused on strengths and struggles.

RightPath LQ360


RightPath LQ360 Assessment online leadership assessment tool offering a 360-degree view of your influence as a leader.

  • Measures 64 key leadership traits, providing the unique, real-time, personal feedback.
  • Unlimited number of raters
  • Feedback compiled into a full-color, easy-to-read report.
  • Reports overall results as well as results categorized by the type of raters.
  • Reports summary of your Leadership attributes including lists of all items ranked from highest to lowest based on an overall average score.
  • Includes written comments provided by your raters listed in an unedited form.

Path4/6 AND LQ360 Package


RightPath Path4/Path6 Assessment AND  RightPath LQ360

  • Buy both to help understand your natural behavior and how others view your leadership skills.

For information on training and consulting services to compliment the RightPath assessments, contact RightPath Resources at 678-845-0400 or email contact@rightpath.com