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Please join RightPath at one of our complimentary events and earn HCRI credits. Or if you prefer, you may attend one of Train the Trainer sessions to become RightPath certified. Come join us and learn why our clients love what we do!

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The statistics are shocking! 69% of U.S. employees say they would work harder if their manager recognized their efforts and 78% say that recognition motivates them in their job . In short, employees crave feedback.

Certification Course

Apr 14-15, Aug 25-26, Nov 10-11

RightPath Certification Training

This workshop is a two-day session and will certify you as a RightPath facilitator. Upon completion of the certification, you will know how to interpret the Path4 and Path6 profiles, LQ360 assessments, capitalize on the unique talents of individuals and use them throughout team building and leadership development within your organization.

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As the pace of change accelerates in the business world, companies that manage change effectively have a competitive advantage. Leaders know they must help their organization change, but most of them vastly underestimate the work and time it takes to successfully implement a change initiative.

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It is easy to recognize a toxic work environment: interpersonal hostility, unreasonable expectations, office politics and broken relationships. These lead to high stress and high employee turnover. Yet many organizations tolerate (or even promote) these conditions as a price to be paid for high performance.