Does Your Leadership Need a Vacation?

Does Your Leadership Need a Vacation?

As we enter the height of summer season, people around the country are heading out of town to spend a week at the beach, visit family or go camping. Getting away from the daily pressures of work and breaking the routine help people renew, refresh and re-calibrate.

While the lost productivity of workers spending time away from the job is a significant expense for companies, businesses around the world invest in vacation (or Paid Time Off). Why? Because time spent away from the daily pressures of work provides opportunities to recharge batteries, gain fresh perspectives and renew commitments to excellence. Workers come back from vacation with increased energy and creativity to apply to their work.

When was the last time you refreshed your leadership? Perhaps your leadership needs a vacation – a leadership vacation requires time away from the daily pressures of leading to gain new perspectives, re-calibrate and re-commit to leading well. As you plan your summer vacation, consider these three questions to give your leadership a “vacation”.

  1. Have you slipped into any leadership “Bad Habits”? When work is fast paced, it is natural to take the path of least resistance. Perhaps you tend to micro-manage, avoid holding people accountable or dealing with difficult issues. Take time to consider what you need to do more (or less) of to improve your leadership effectiveness.
  2. Have you lost sight of what’s most important? In the normal flurry of activity that most leaders experience, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. Take time to consider the big projects and the important, but not urgent, issues that you need to deal with. Block out time in your schedule to tackle thorny problems or address the difficult issues you have been avoiding.
  3. How will you invest in your (and your team’s) growth? What new knowledge or skills would help increase your effectiveness? Gaining new coaching skills and working on team building is a great place to start.

While your leadership can’t sit in a beach chair, reading a book for a week, it probably needs a vacation none the less. Take time to consider ways to renew, refresh and re-energize your leadership this summer…and return to work with the resolve and energy needed to improve your leadership effectiveness.