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RightPath Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

Philip Duffie, RightPath Chief Operating Officer

Philip Duffie Brings Passion for Problem Solving to RightPath Operations

Company leaders must be innovative and bring creative ideas to launch to the next level. But every visionary leader needs equally innovative support from someone who can execute on vision. That is why Philip Duffie recently joined RightPath as the new Chief Operating Officer.


Philip joins CEO Chris Fuller and the RightPath team with a passion for problem-solving. He will create systems and processes to execute on the company’s innovations, bringing them to RightPath customers and taking their experience with the RightPath tools to the next level.


Philip loves to take in ideas, distill them down to next steps, and put feet to them. “Under Chris Fuller’s leadership, we have a lot of incredible ideas to help organizations. I want to help execute on those ideas, provide support, and grow a team that can help serve our clients even better.” 


While Philip is new to the RightPath team, he is no stranger to the RightPath assessments. He spent ten years of his career working in various operational positions with North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia. They have used the Path4 and Path6 assessments for decades to make sure employees’ positions are a great fit for their strengths. 


“It was just in the DNA of North Point to talk about different profiles, like Driver, or Director, or Networker, or Strategic Thinker,” Philip notes. “They provide unique insights so you can have conversations with people and really understand what makes them tick. It was easy to identify people for specific roles; we knew which role needed more of the extrovert, or which was more analytical and so forth. RightPath assessments gave us a common language.” 


Philip re-took the assessments as a part of his onboarding with RightPath and affirmed that the results from the recent one don’t differ significantly from the first one he took many years ago at North Point. His strengths show him to be well-suited to his new role.


 “I’m a Strategic Thinker, and my highest factor on Path6 is resourcefulness,” said Philip. “I’m also experience-based. So you combine those two, and that means I am naturally wired to get things done. I also love thinking through why something makes sense. If I can get behind the why, I’ll make the how and what happen.”


One of the biggest values of understanding RightPath profiles, according to Philip, is that they equip you to put people in positions that are the right fits. When you do that, they can go home at the end of the day with margin for those they care for the most in their lives. 


“The idea that a healthy work environment could actually improve families, that is a goal worth supporting. Through RightPath, we’re able to do that through direct coaching or proper leveraging of the tools.”


Philip understands the importance of margin for family on a personal level. He goes home to his wife of twenty-two years and four of his five kids (the fifth is in college!) every day and appreciates being able to bring his best self to them. They appreciate it too! 


While Philip is mostly behind-the-scenes at RightPath making things happen, his in-depth experience in the RightPath profiles makes him a great fit to assist with the coaching and facilitating process in the future.  


“I am excited to be part of launching the new suite of products and services RightPath is rolling out. Some of these include the InSPIRED Leadership workshops, LeaderBinder, and digital courses, as well as new RightPath certifications for Talent Acquisition and more. There will be no shortage of things to keep track of as RightPath revs up to 2022. I look forward to serving clients and empowering them to take their businesses to the next level.” 

You can connect with Philip directly at pduffie@rightpath.com or call 877-843-7284 today to start the conversation!