Getting the Right People into the Right Positions is in RightPath’s DNA

Fortune 500 professionals in human resources and small business owners find the hiring process to be full of challenges.  To hire the right person, the company must find a candidate whose strengths fit the responsibilities of the position.  A proper match is difficult without objective information.  Employers have a great deal of information about the positions they need to fill, but they usually lack good information about a candidate’s strengths and struggles.

RightPath’s validated behavioral assessments provide accurate and objective information needed to hire the right person for the position.

How we assist

RightPath’s Path4 and Path6 behavioral assessments accurately measure a candidate’s natural, hard-wired behavior, predicting how they will perform once settled into the job. By comparing job requirements with information from a candidate’s assessment, employers are better equipped to make a successful hire.  Both employers and employees benefit since individuals who use their natural strengths in their positions are more engaged, effective and productive.

Whether a company needs friendly, outgoing salespeople, detail-oriented accountants or take-charge managers, RightPath’s behavioral assessments provide the data employers need.


  • Using RightPath’s hiring solutions can increase the accuracy of a hire to 75%.
  • Our behavioral assessment’s precision takes the guess work out of the interviewing and hiring process.
  • Assessments help identify behaviors that need development.
  • Effective hiring increases employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity, benefiting both employers and employees.

To learn more about using RightPath’s assessments to streamline the hiring process, visit How We Use Assessments for Selection.