Jerry Mabe founded RightPath in 1999 after decades working as a Fortune 500 executive and as a temporary staffing company entrepreneur.  Years of placement experience convinced Jerry that accurate assessment tools are essential to place the right people in the right positions.  Because none of the assessments on the market reliably measured hard-wired behavior with the business user in mind, Jerry hired a team of Industrial Organizational psychologists from the University of Georgia to develop RightPath’s set of proprietary, validated behavioral profiles.

The research and development of RightPath’s validated four-factor and six-factor assessments grew into a full-range of solutions for building high performance teams and developing high caliber leaders.  These tools now include a whole-life career planning suite and a 360 assessment.  RightPath Resources uses these tools and curricula to develop all types of employees – from entry level to executives, throughout the employment cycle, from hire to retire.

RightPath’s solutions, engineered specifically with business needs in mind, have earned the reputation as tools of choice for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and not-for-profits. These tools have been used in hundreds of organizations for decades, throughout the United States and around the world, to develop their most valuable resource – their people.

Many clients utilize RightPath profiles for leadership training and professional development. Clients who initially use RightPath behavioral profiles for hiring and selection find them so helpful that they expand their use into programs to improve work relationships and corporate culture. RightPath’s programs include: Teaming for Success, Trust Building, Mastering Creative ConflictEmotional Intelligence (EQ) and others.  Clients using these solutions find that they lead to greater employee engagement, reduced turnover and increased profitability.

RightPath has revolutionized how companies grow and multiply the best leaders in their organizations.  Partnering with your company, large or small, RightPath will deliver the tools, resources and expertise to develop top-notch staff members, leaders and teams, maximizing your bottom line.