How to Handle Conflict

“A dysfunctional team fears conflict.” –Patrick Lencioni

Too much conflict prevents a team from functioning effectively. Teams embroiled in conflict shift their focus from accomplishing goals to internal politics, water cooler gossip and rehashing past conflicts. These dynamics can derail teams and render them ineffective. On the other hand, a team that experiences no conflict might be operating in an environment of artificial harmony.

Healthy conflict in the workplace can be extremely beneficial.  According to Patrick Lencioni in his work, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, fear of conflict is a sign that a team is not functioning effectively. Failure to deal with disagreements, allow dissenting voices to be heard or to appropriately challenge others’ ideas, leads to poor decisions, lack of engagement and resentment.

RightPath encourages teams to engage in “Creative Conflict” – respectful disagreement which produces better outcomes. Teams that develop the ability to disagree respectfully are able to troubleshoot problems and identify creative solutions they may have otherwise missed.

RightPath’s Mastering Creative Conflict half-day workshop applies the basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence and behavior to conflict management.

Mastering Conflict in the WorkplaceBENEFITS of Mastering Creative Conflict

  • DISPELS the concept that conflict should always be avoided
  • PROVIDES real time feedback on personal conflict styles and approaches
  • BUILDS trust and cooperation among team members
  • ENHANCES decision making
  • MAXIMIZES team effectiveness

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