Executive CoachingRightPath Resources’ s Executive Coaching is behaviorally-based and developmentally-oriented.  With extensive knowledge and proven track records in the field of leadership, our coaches bring real-world experience to their work with executives.

Our behavioral approach uses RightPath Path4 and Path6 profiles to reveal a leader’s behavioral strengths, struggles, and potential blind spots.  The RightPath LQ360 assessment provides ratings on 64 leadership qualities, offering valuable insight into how others experience an individual’s leadership style. RightPath Resources’ s developmental orientation encourages leaders to identify areas where they need improvement and commit to a development plan that will lead to their chosen leadership legacy outcome.

Executive CoachingInvesting in Leadership Development pays off by creating a positive, developing-others approach that filters down throughout the organization, improving results and relationships as it goes. It’s the most effective way to grow strong leaders who develop other leaders in your organization.


I wish that I would have benefited from you earlier in my career.  I had an executive coach about 8 years ago but told her that you were by far much more impactful.”

             –Susan, Group Executive