Develop High Performing Teams

When teams understand and appreciate the unique giftedness of each team member, they effectively solve problems, reach goals and WIN as a team. RightPath’s Teaming for Success workshop provides the tools to identify and appreciate one another’s strengths and struggles, improving the dynamics of the team as a whole.

Our Path4 and Path6 behavioral profiles measure natural, hard-wired behavior.  Some individuals are naturally warm, friendly and outgoing while others are quiet, thoughtful and reserved. Some people carefully plan and pay close attention to detail while others jump into action and figure out processes as they go. Too often, these differences lead to tension or conflict.  However, when team members recognize and appreciate differences, they function more effectively and experience improved communication, greater transparency and increased trust.

RightPath’s Teaming for Success ½ day workshop, facilitated by an experienced leadership expert, helps team members build on their talents, appreciate differences and maximize the abilities of the entire team.  This process promotes trust and helps teams deal effectively with conflict and change.

RightPath’s Teaming for Success workshops explain:


  • Natural hard-wired behavior
  • Learned behavior
  • How strengths overdone can become struggles
  • How to identify strengths, struggles and relationship keys
  • Behavioral intensities
  • Relationship keys
  • Approach to conflict
  • Response to change
  • Each individual’s unique contribution to the team’s success

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I have been truly amazed with the change in Michael.   He has become more of a team player and is more collaborative.  In a nutshell – I used to find him to be quite annoying….and now, he is a pleasure to be around!  I’ve tried to provide him timely feedback when I observe him being humble and collaborative in a meeting – and he has been very appreciative of that.  I cannot thank you enough!   Not only has the process changed him – but it has, as a result, changed the dynamics on my leadership team!  So we are all grateful!   

–Becky, Director of Application Services