360° Leadership

RightPath’s Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Tool.


The Process Is Simple.

Participants invite co-workers and others to provide anonymous ratings related to their leadership skills. This feedback from all around, or 360° degrees, comes from participants, managers, direct reports, peers and others. Raters spend approximately 10 minutes to numerically rate the 64 leadership characteristics measured by the 360° .

Once completed, individuals can use individual 360 results to develop existing leadership skills, further relationships between management and employees, while strengthening company culture and morale. This developmental process will take their careers and their organizations to new heights.

  • whoRates

    Who Rates You?

    We use different sources of information to give you the most accurate results. We take ratings from: Yourself, Your Manager, Your Peers, Direct Reports, and Other Professionals who know you.

  • howRated

    How Am I Rated?

    Our 64 leadership traits are pulled from five different categories, consisting of: Your Results, Relationship Skills, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Trust Skills, and how you help Develop Others.

  • benefits

    The Benefits

    Leadership 360 provides vital feedback leaders need to enhance their effectiveness. With your 360 results, a relevant and targeted Leadership Development Plan can be created and implemented

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