RightPath Facilitation

We can come to you. RightPath’s team of experienced, certified facilitators can deliver practical, useful and engaging training at your location. With decades of experience in large and small companies, in a wide variety of industries, our facilitators emphasize the practical application of our tools to make a positive impact on individual and team performance. Most sessions last a half day, with minimal disruption to day to day operations.tythe_facilitator-vs-leading-meeting

We can train you to train others. Our Train the Trainer workshop equips you to deliver RightPath’s time-tested curriculum for team building, leadership development and coaching. Upon completing our two-day Train the Trainer workshop, participants are RightPath Certified Facilitators, equipped to use RightPath tools in their company or as a consultant. By using our validated, high quality materials and proven curriculum, Certified Facilitators become change agents in organizations through leadership development and team building.