Match People to Positions

match-people-to-positions-2Getting the right people in the right positions is in our DNA.

Finding the right “fit” between a candidate and job responsibilities is crucial for hiring success. When individuals use their strengths at work, they are engaged, effective and productive. Regardless of what traits an organization is looking for – friendly and outgoing salespeople, detail-oriented accountants or take-charge managers – we can measure the traits that are key to success.

How we do it

RightPath’s behavioral Path4 and Path6 assessments accurately measure a candidate’s natural, hard-wired behavior and help employers predict how they will perform once settled into the job. By comparing a position’s requirements for success with a candidate’s assessment, employers are equipped to make intelligent hiring decisions.


  • RightPath’s tools can increase hiring accuracy up to 75%
  • Our assessment’s precision takes the guess work out of the hiring and interviewing process
  • Effective hiring increases employee satisfaction, engagement and productivity
  • Assessments help identify behaviors that need development

To learn more about using RightPath’s assessments to streamline the hiring process, visit How we Use Assessments for Selection.