History and Mission

history-and-missionRightPath Resource’s founder, Jerry Mabe started RightPath after building and selling a staffing company based in Atlanta, Georgia. After years of placing temporary workers in a wide variety of companies around the city, Jerry decided to build an assessment tool that would help companies identify and place the right people in the right positions. He hired a team of Industrial Organizational psychologists to develop a set of proprietary, validated behavioral profiles, a suite of career-oriented assessments and a leading-edge leadership 360 assessment.

What started in 1990 with the research and development of our validated four-factor and six-factor assessments has grown to a full-range offering of assessment solutions used for growing your people and developing high caliber leaders. From hire to retire, RightPath Resources has the tools and curricula to increase your bottom line by developing the best possible staff and leadership.

RightPath® solutions, engineered specifically with businesses in mind, have earned the reputation as tools of choice for Fortune 500 companies and other dynamic, fast-growing organizations as well as not-for-profits. We have partnered with these clients for decades, throughout the United States and globally, in the development of their most valuable investment – their people.

Clients who have been using our behavioral profiles for some time, know they become an integral part of how people interact, learn, and relate to one another. They use them again and again for ongoing training and development. For instance, a company that initially deployed RightPath behavioral profiles for hiring and retention now uses them for a host of programs designed to improve work relationships and environment.  These programs include: Teaming for Success, Trust Building, Mastering Creative Conflict, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and many more. Our clients have discovered that leadership training with an emphasis on EQ results in a productive and aligned workforce. RightPath is revolutionizing how companies grow and multiply the very best leaders in their organizations.

RightPath’s goal is to partner with you to deliver these proven tools and resources to maximize your bottom line by developing the best possible staff and leadership.