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Please join RightPath at one of our complimentary events and earn HCRI credits. Or if you prefer, you may attend one of Train the Trainer sessions to become RightPath certified. Come join us and learn why our clients love what we do!

Free Webinar

360 leadership assessments are growing in popularity because they are a powerful tool to help leaders get accurate and objective feedback. Too often, however, 360 assessments are not used effectively because (1) they contain so much information and (2) leaders don’t make plans to invest time in a Leadership Development Plan. Organizations that regularly use… Read more »

Free Seminar

The workforce in the United States is experiencing a seismic shift. As huge numbers of baby boomers reach retirement, companies face leadership vacuums losing their most senior and experienced leaders. Companies that intentionally focus on equipping younger (and less experienced) leaders to step into senior roles gain a competitive advantage over organizations without a leadership… Read more »

Certification Course

August 28-29 and November 6-7

Train the Trainer

This workshop is a two-day session and will certify you as a RightPath facilitator. Upon completion of the certification, you will know how to interpret the Path4 and Path6 profiles, LQ360 assessments, capitalize on the unique talents of individuals and use them throughout team building and leadership development within your organization.

Free Webinar

Behavioral differences often lead to tension in the workplace. Some people like to move boldly and quickly while others prefer a steady and cautious approach Some people are careful planners while others prefer to figure things out as they go Some get work done by building relationships while others like to work independently and focus… Read more »

Free Seminar

Hiring and selection are key components for successful companies. Get it right and teams soar, productivity climbs and efficiency increases. Get it wrong and, too often, disaster follows. Unfortunately, many companies have a hap hazard approach to hiring with success rates to match. Join RightPath’s complimentary seminar, Get the Right People in the Right Seats on… Read more »