Calendar of Events

Please join RightPath at one of our complimentary events and earn HCRI credits. Or if you prefer, you may attend one of Train the Trainer sessions to become RightPath certified. Come join us and learn why our clients love what we do!

Free Webinar

In today’s highly collaborative and complex environment, harmonious leaders excel in bringing people together and building a sense of cooperation to a team. This FREE webinar explores the unique talents, strengths and struggles of harmonious leaders.

Certification Course

Nov 8-9 and Feb 6-7

Train the Trainer

This workshop is a two-day session and will certify you as a RightPath facilitator. Upon completion of the certification, you will know how to interpret the Path4 and Path6 profiles, capitalize on the unique talents of individuals and use them throughout team building and leadership development within your organization.

Free Webinar

When faced with changing circumstances or new responsibilities, leaders must utilize new skills and adjust their approach to remain effective in their work. Some leaders do this naturally. Others get stuck in deeply ingrained habits that undermine leadership effectiveness.