benchmarks2Matching hard-wired behaviors to job requirements reduces employee turnover.  But, how can employers identify whether a potential employee possesses the traits necessary for success?  RightPath’s Benchmarks can help!

RightPath’s benchmark process measures the traits of the highest performers in a position in order to identify the qualities necessary for success. Different positions require different strengths: diplomacy versus bluntness, assertiveness versus accommodation, challenge versus cooperation.

Advantages of using Benchmarks

  • Benchmarks assist with interviewing – Benchmark Comparison Reports graphically depict a candidate’s hard-wired behavior as compared to the requirement of the job.
  • A benchmark measures drive – the ability to overcome obstacles, move forward in spite of setbacks and seek advancement within the organization. Benchmarks are scientifically calculated.
  • Benchmarks can serve as a starting point for professional development plans.

By making small adjustments in hiring practices, one of RightPath’s Benchmark clients reduced employee turnover from 19% to 6% per year! A retail client reduced Store Manager turnover by 26% overall with some of their stores realizing a reduction of 50%!

Benchmark reports identify the gaps between a candidate’s traits and the requirements of the job. To explore these gaps and determine if the candidate is able to bridge them, we suggest using behavioral interview questions.