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RightPath behavioral profiles (Path4 and Path6), the RightPath LQ360º assessment, and RightPathing Your Future whole-life career planning suite of assessments offer you three valuable tools to use in developing talent and leadership throughout your organization.

Train the Trainer

Come learn how to use RightPath's Assessments in your company or on your team. At RightPath's Train the Trainer in Atlanta, GA you will become a certified RightPath Facilitator, and gain the skills to use and interpret Path4 and Path6 assessments for professional development and team building.

  • August 26, 2015

Path4 and Path6 Profiles

Path4 and Path6 Behavioral Profiles deliver an unprecidented read of an individual's natural behavioral preferences and motivations.  These assessments are not situational so they remain consistent over time allowing them to be used as a foundation for self-awareness, development, teaming, and more.

  • July 14, 2009


RightPath LQ360º.  Our state-of-the art multi-rater assessment rates leaders in sixty-four key leadership attributes and presents the results in a concise, colorful, easy-to-read report.  It is the perfect leadership assessment for all levels of your organization.

  • July 14, 2009

RightPathing Your Future

Turnover is a very expensive problem that drains not only resources but also often your best-trained and most productive talents! Why not lose your key employees to yourself! Give them vision of what they can become with your company.


Career planning is not a one-time event, but an ongoing, lifelong activity. Using a whole-life approach in Rightpathing® Your Future participants gain a foundation for making personal development and career decisions and create their own Career Path Plan. This program involves a set of seven online assessments and a coordinating one-day interactive session.


RightPathing® Your Future is based on a suite of internet-deployed assessments. Participants explore key components (Behavior, Skills, Passion, Values, Life Purpose and Goals) to come up with a Career Plan that considers more than just their current job. Assessments are taken on-line and brought to class where participants explore those elements in more depth.

Call or email to find out more about this suite of assessments and corresponding curricula.

The whole-life approach offered by RightPathing® Your Future recognizes that career planning is not a one-time event.  Career planning is an ongoing process that is critical for organizations that wish to retain and help develop their best performers. 

Develop You, Develop Your Team Book

Develop You, Develop Your Team on the RightPath is the perfect resource for individuals wanting to better understand the factors in our Path4 and Path6 assessments and how to apply them to personal, leadership, and team development.  With real-life case studies and examples from both profiles, it's an engaging and resourceful read.