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RightPath Solutions

We Call it RightPathing


Leadership and Talent Development

                            ...from hire to retire


RightPath Solutions fit individuals and teams at all levels of your organization.

RightPath on-line  assessments can be used as part of your hiring toolkit for behavioral interviewing, for leadership and team development, and as an integral part of your organization's leadership continuity plan. 

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Engaging The Next Generation

Engaging The Next Generation

As the baby-boomer generation retires, organizations must fill the leadership vacuum by engaging the millennial generation.  RightPath's Leadership Continuity Model equips organizations to proactively develop the next generation of leaders.

CLICK HERE for more information on RightPath's approach to Leadership Continuity and Succession Planning.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

As individuals rise to higher levels of responsibility, they must develop their management skills in order to avoid hitting the leadership ceiling.  RighPath's Executive Coaching and multi-rater 360 Leadership Assessments increase awareness of personal leadership barriers and teach the skills necessary to break through them.



Click Here for more information on the RightPath LQ360º

Emotional Intelligence

Need Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the most important factor for leadership success-especially as leaders gain greater supervisory responsibility. RightPath's EQ training and 360 assessment give leaders the awareness and tools to increase EQ by building healthy relationships that get results.

"RightPath tools and Jerry's teaching in this area have allowed me to better understand others and value diversity in thoughts and behaviors...that creates a positive ripple effect throughout our organization." Marie Mouchet, Vice-President and CIO, Southern Company (taken from Develop You, Develop Your Team...On the RightPath)

Develop Your Most Important Asset – Your People!

The best investment you can make for your organization is in your people!  Developing individual contributors, leaders, teams, up-and-coming leaders, and executives improves productivity and your bottom line while failing to develop individuals and leaders can threaten your organization’s ability to sustain and improve performance. 

RightPath partners with organizations to help them attract, select, develop, and retain talented employees.  We offer tools, training, consulting, curricula, and coaching centered around proprietary, validated on-line assessments that are easy to take and easy to understand.  They are the ‘tools of choice’ employed by Fortune 500 companies and other dynamic, fast-growing companies, and not-for-profits across the nation and around the globe.

Fast-track your people development with online assessments and development solutions that are easily administered to individuals, teams, and leaders at all levels of your organization.

Why Use RightPath?

  • 1Our built-for-business tools are comprehensive, yet easy to understand.
  • 2On-line access allows for quick deployment as well as easy management and reporting.
  • 3Train-the-trainer options lets you operate independently in the use of RightPath tools and solutions.
  • 4Developing people is our passion. Our solutions fit individuals and teams at all levels of the organization.